Final Programme

Day 1 – Wednesday 5 June 2019 

07:00–08:00 Early Morning Refreshments and Registration
08:00–08:05 Emergency procedures presentation
08:05–08:15 Welcome Address - SAIMM President
A.S. Macfarlane, Conference Chairperson and Co-director: Mandela Mining Precinct
Session Chairperson: A.S. Macfarlane, Mandela Mining Precinct
08:15–08:45 Keynote Address
A. Habib, The University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa
08:45–09:05 Breaking new Ground: A national resource atlas for South Africa
R. Kaufholz1, A. Mello2, and G. Güler3, 1ESRI-South Africa, 2Vuuma, and 3Mandela Mining Precinct, South Africa
09:05–09:25 AA & AI in mining: Introducing data-driven optimization in a conservative sector
N. Knoblauch,, United Kingdom
09:25–09:45 DRA: Digital technologies in mining
N. Schoeman, DRA, South Africaa
09:45–10:05 Unlocking digital value for South African mining
G. Mishra, Accenture, South Africa
10:05–10:30 Mid-Morning Refreshments
Session Chairperson: G. Lane, Vuuma
10:30–10:50 Advanced process control and optimization of an underground mine cooling system
L.C. Coetzee and M. Saffy, Mintek, South Africa
10:50–11:10 New approaches in rock cutting and shaft sinking: A case study in potash
T. Ahlbrecht1, E. Neye2, B. Künstle2, and P. Rennkamp2, 1Deilmann Haniel GmbH and 2Herrenknecht AG, South Africa
(PRESENTED BY D. Roos, Herrenknecht AG, South Africa)
11:10–11:30 Demonstration of operating mine’s digital twin - MineRp VR team
F. Megannon, MineRp, South Africa
11:30–11:50 Master drilling: Technology and innovation initiatives
H, Maree, Master Drilling, South Africa
11:50–12:10 Calibrated rockfall mitigation through the use of photogrammetric modelling techniques
R. Bush, SRK Consulting, South Africa
12:10–12:50 Lunch
Session Chairperson: M. Woodhall, MineRP
12:50–13:20 Keynote Address
G. Malherbe, VCI International, South Africa
13:20–13:40 Sponsor Presentation: Advanced network platforms: Challenges and considerations
C. Deacon, MST Global, South Africa
13:40–14:00 Update on the SAMERDI real-time information managment systems programme (RTIMS)
J-J. Verhaeghe, Mandela Mining Precinct, South Africa
14:00–14:20 Key components of future mining
N. Walker, ABB, South Africa
14:20–14:40 Development of infield and online data collection systems
P. Burmeister, SRK Consulting, South Africa
14:40–15:05 Afternoon Refreshments
15:05–15:25 Commercialisation of South African platinum-based fuel cell technologies
S. Blair, HyPlat (Pty) Ltd, South Africa
15:25–16:10 Panel Discussion: The Impact of people in the Minerals Industry
16:10–16:15 Day 1 Closure
A.S. Macfarlane, SAIMM President
16:15–18:15 Conference Network Function

Day 2 – Thursday 6 June 2019

07:00–08:00 Early Morning Refreshments and Registration
08:00–08:05 Emergency procedures presentation
08:05–08:15 Welcome Address
A.S. Macfarlane, Conference Chairperson and Co-director: Mandela Mining Precinct
Session Chairperson: I.J. Geldenhuys, Mintek
08:15–08:45 Keynote Address: Challenges in mining for the fourth industrial revolution
S. van der Woude, Minerals Council of South Africa, South Africa
08:45–09:05 The Local 4.0 Revolution is alive and well
J.O. Carstens, Memsa, South Africa
09:05–09:25 Should mines be using workers’ personal mobile phones to drive the safety, operational and sociatal agenda of a mine?
J. van Heesch and K. Anderson, Wyzetalk, South Africa
09:25–09:45 Short Interval Control in a Digital Mine
E. Strydom, MineRP, South Africa
09:45–10:05 Innovation with drones covering automation and internet of things (IoT)
W. Tucker, Accenture, South Africa, (PRESENTED BY W. Peddie, Accenture, South Africa)
10:05–10:30 Mid-Morning Refreshments
Session Chairperson: C. Bergmann, Mintek 
10:30–10:50 Session Sponsor: Digital transformation: execution excellence
M.R. Evans, Partners in Performance, South Africa
10:50–11:10 The development of mobile applications for smart data capture in Mining
P. Naidoo, SRK Consulting, South Africa
11:10–11:30 A mine of technology opportunities: performances, global threats and ways forward in the South African mining equipment industry
S. Torreggiani and A. Andreoni, University of London, United Kingdom
11:30–11:50 Digital Champions: How industry leaders build integrated operations ecosystems to deliver end-to-end customer solutions
P. Theron, PWC, South Africa
11:50–12:10 New heavy mineral spiral for recovery of ultrafine chromite
R. Molehe, Multotec Process Equipment, South Africa
12:10–12:40 Lunch
Session Chairperson: A. Mello, Vuuma 
12:40–13:00 Sponsor Presentation
13:00–13:20 Mining in the Digital Age: Transforming your tsunami of data into insightful information
A. Gowe, Baringa Partners, South Africa
13:20–13:40 GIS Enabled, Web-based TSF Surveillance Solution
A. Louw, N. Mincione, and R. van der Colf, SRK Consulting, South Africa
13:40–14:00 Afternoon Refreshments
14:00–14:20 APM and APC –realtime control and optimization prescriptive maintenance tools for the modern day plant
K. Brooks1, R. Dreyer1, and M. Westcott2, 1BluESP and 24sight, South Africa
14:20–14:30 Sponsor Presentation
14:30–15:30 Panel Discussions: What does Industrial Revolution 4.0 really mean to the minerals industry?
15:30–15:40 Conference Closure
A.S. Macfarlane, SAIMM President