Senior GIS Consultant, SRK Consulting

Ansu Louw is an experienced GIS and Remote Sensing professional registered with the South African Geomatics Council and has completed her Masters’ degree in Environmental Management specialising in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing, from the University of Johannesburg. Ansu has over 13 years of experience in GIS and remote sensing. Ansu is currently the Drawing Office / GIS manager for the SRK South Africa practice. Her expertise lies in: spatial and 3D analysis; data quality assurance and control; data management, data conversion, processing, capturing, digitising and editing skills; advanced cartographic / mapping skills; remote sensing skills; mobile, web mapping and online GIS applications; as well as the design and implementation of file-based and Enterprise Geodatabases. Ansu is also responsible for consulting with clients and project managers to determine best practices and solutions for a project’s GIS requirements. Ansu has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from EMF’s, EIA’s and SIA’s (including resettlement action plans) to resource mining estimates and hazard risk assessments.